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4 shattering ways I learn to deal with anxiety daily

1. It’s OK to Cry

Growing up, you may have heard to hold in your emotions or to keep them in check. I have learned that crying is OK. For years I didn’t cry in front of anyone. I tried to hide my emotions. I was at the point where I didn’t cry for awhile. This actually made my anxiety worse. I learned by crying, it was a healthy release of emotions and how I actually felt.

2. There are healthy ways to deal with anxiety.

With anxiety, you experience a range of emotions. Fear. Anger. Grief. Sadness.  These are emotions that are natural to experience, but can be overwhelming if you’re anxious. If your suffering from an anxiety disorder, these emotions can feel as if you’re stuck in a loop. It will be OK you will get through these emotions. 

These emotions can feel overpowering after an argument with a loved one or after a setback at work.

Take a deep breath and sort through your thoughts. Why are you feeling this way? You may wish to write your thoughts in a journal or talk them out with a loved one or health professional. 

If you’re angry, deal with this emotion in a healthy way to cool off.  Your cool down period can be in the form of:

  • A walk or another form of exercise
  • Reading a book
  • Sipping Chamomile Tea
  • Taking a nice warm bath or shower
  • Taking a short nap
  • Meditation with or without essential oils
  • A healthy vent session by talking to a loved one

Remember, you are not alone and there are many ways to cope with anxiety.

3. It’s OK to take a day off and do absolutely nothing

Have you overworked yourself to the point of exhaustion? If you’re considered a type-A personality (and I’m one of those girls) you are considered hard-working. Lately, I have learned that it’s OK to do nothing for one day. By nothing, I mean have one day where I don’t produce one item of work, do one ounce of homework or even do anything remotely productive but rest.

Do you feel that your brain will never shut off during the week? Do you have moments where thoughts runs through your head to the point where you find yourself tossing and turning at night? Even to the point where you’re staring at your phone and watching each minute tick by and when you finally doze to your peaceful slumber, the buzz of your alarm sounds and you find yourself emotionally drained?

Having an occasional day of rest where you do absolutely nothing is perfectly fine! Your body needs to regenerate. Your mind needs to recover so it can be prepared to work, prepare for your next marathon, or even your next school presentation. 

4.  Look in the Mirror and Say One Positive Thing about Yourself.

This technique is one that is most often given in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This process helps negative self-talk that cycles through your head on a daily basis.

As someone who has gone through CBT, this technique does help.

The positive word (or set of words) can be anything. For example, you can say “I have a great smile,” or “I love my nose.” It’s a great way to build confidence. Any positive statement you repeat to yourself can be turned into a mantra throughout the day. 

Erica Hagood

Erica is the blogger of this website and an advocate of mental health. She is also a non profit enthusiast and writer.



  • Dawn Kaseoru

    Did you know that anxiety can be eliminated just by changing what you eat and healing your gut?!?! Jonathan Otto had an incredible series on that had very prominent doctors in functional and regular medicine doctors who work with depression and anxiety patients. It was fascinating! I watched the series because my son has severe anxiety and we have implemented some of the things I learned from that series…it is working!!!! His anxiety is WAY down! Just wanted to share with you ❤️ Enjoy your day!

    • ehagood

      Thanks or sharing! I will definitely look into that as I’m always looking into healthy eating and foods that can help with anxiety. <3

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